Monday, September 9, 2013

This song is so relevant to what's happening to the city of Detroit at the moment. Driving home from the Dally in the Alley I was heartbroken at all the abandon buildings I saw. The fact that there were no street lights on most of Woodward made it even worse. Something really needs to be done about this.

Monday, November 12, 2012

This is now my official blog

                           MerlinRavenSong's Official Blog

After looking at the many blogs that I have online I've decided to make this my main blog. So if you want up to date information on my music and the many occult projects I'm working on just keep an eye on this blog along with my facebook page
I will still be posting things on my other blogs of course but I'm making this one my main blog. I'm also changing the focus of my website over the coming weeks. Now that Full Moon Circle is a private group with people who wish to keep their affiliation private I've decided to personalize my webpage more and make it an information source for those of you who are interested in Witchcraft, The Occult, Paranormal Investigation, Music, Art, Film Reviews among other things. I look foreword to the many changes I will be making in the weeks to come. So if you have similar interests as I, feel free to add me as a friend on the many social networks I'm on and don't forget to stop by MERLINRAVENSONG.COM 
 Love is the Law: -MerlinRavenSong )0(      

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another year has come and gone and now is the time for me to set some new goals for the new year now that 2012 is upon us.  I have limited my 2012 goals to two so that I can concentrate on them more efficiently. That is not to say that there are not other things I will be working on this year, I just feel that limiting myself to these two main goals will keep me more focused than attempting to focus on too many at once. 

1) My first goal is to write a book on Witchcraft. I've never written a book before but I feel that this is something I need to do for myself. Unlike so many books on The Craft that just repeat themselves over and over again I want to write something truly unique. It may take me longer than a year to write this book but that's ok the most important thing for me at the moment is to start writing it. I've learned so much from the days when I ran Full Moon Circle at WSU that I feel it's time for me to share what I've learned with others. I will of course post updates here for those of you who are interested in what the book will be about. I have some ideas but at the moment I want to keep it to myself. 

2) My second goal is to get my music career going. A lot of my close friends have asked me why I didn't do this years ago and my reply is I was in college. Getting a degree in classical guitar performance is by no means a easy thing to accomplish it's one of the toughest degrees out there. The only reason I'm taking a break from it is so I can make sure I'm not paying back my student loans for the rest of my life. Personally I feel that education here in America should be free. We should not be spending as much money on our education as we do. 

For those of you who are interested in how these goals will progress throughout the year keep and eye on this page along with my website Full Moon Circle

Love is the Law: -MerlinRavenSong )0( 


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon Circle News 11-10-11

Greetings Everyone,

For those of you who watch my YouTube channel, visit me on Facebook or visit

FMC's webpage you already know about the changes I've made to FMC.

At one time FMC was one of the oldest Pagan student organization in Michigan. I

enjoyed the time I had when I ran the organization at WSU but in 2008 I left WSU

and I took FMC with me. Some of us still got together to do rituals but I soon

realized I had to run the organization differently than I ran it in the past.

When we were at Wayne we could invite the public to our meetings and rituals but

you can't do this when your meeting at peoples private homes. It is not a good

idea to invite people you barely know into your home for rituals.

With this in mind FMC began to only circle with people we knew and trusted. This

for the most part is how I run FMC now.

We experimented with offering memberships to people outside of Michigan.

Basically FMC had three kinds of members. Members who were close friends that I

circled with privately, members who lived out of state, and members who where

active members who wanted to meet with me privately for rituals and spiritual

guidance. This was open to everyone regardless were they lived.

As time went on I realized there was an even better way to run FMC. With the

advancement of the internet through social networks like Facebook, YouTube,

Stickem, Blogtalk Radio and Ning you can network with people all across the

planet. Some of these sites even have video conferencing where you can interact

with people in real time. With that in mind I decided to turn FMC into a

multimedia machine dedicated to informing the public about modern day witchcraft

and the occult.

People like Bluefire Witch, and Tiptoe Chick have thousands of subscribers on

YouTube and there are others who have created social networks of there own and

also have thousands of subscribers along with nightly video chats. This is the

direction I what FMC to go into now. There will always be a small group of us

who will meet up for rituals but this is no longer open up to the general public

it is by invitation only.

So what does active membership to Full Moon Circle mean now??? If you have

joined this list as an active member of FMC I still consider you an active

member. The only thing that's changed is who ever interacts with me regularly

through any of the social networks I'm on I consider them to be an active

member. So in other words we function more like a multimedia machine than an

organization and believe me I have come into contact with far more people this

way than I ever did when I was running FMC at WSU.

Those of you who wish to help move FMC forward I would certainly appreciate it.

If you write books about occult subjects and wish to have your books featured on

my page feel free to contact me. If you make videos centered around Witchcraft

and the occult and want me to feature your videos on my page feel free to

contact me. At the moment both TipToe Chick and Crafty Witch have pages

dedicated to them on my website. We also have FMC models who help out on my page

as well. Full Moon Circle is user driven so the more you put into it the more

you get out of it.

I look forward to networking with each and everyone one of you in the near

future. Lets make FMC one of the best occult multimedia websites there is.

Love is the Law: -MerlinRavenSong )0(

Friday, September 9, 2011

In Regards to Long Hair

People who know me personally have often asked why I don't wear my hair down in public most of the time. I can understand their reasoning, because to them it doesn't make any sense to grow your hair long and go through the trouble of keeping it healthy if all you do is wear a ponytail most of the time. Well one of the things I've learned is you should never think that the average person you meet in life will share the same values and aesthetics you have. If you deviate from the norm people will gladly remind you of it in ways that will not be to your benefit. Don't believe me try it! Try talking about religion or politics with a stranger and you will understand my position on this if you don't already.

There are still a large number of people out there who view men with long hair as being soft or less manly than others. There are others who think your trying to imitate some rock or pop star, (in my case it has always been Prince or Michael Jackson). I do admire these two performers but I'M NOT TRYING TO BE THEM. I even had a guy try to run me over with his car because my hair in some way offended him. This of course was a bad idea on his part (never piss off a Witch whose idea of the Threefold Law is "HIT THEM BACK THREE TIMES AS HARD)". In a perfect world I would wear my hair down all the time and wear my pentacle in full view. However there is this thing called *COUNTERPRODUCTIVE PRIDE* which causes me to think twice when I deal with the public at large. Some people have low I.Q's and unfortunately we have to deal with these people daily. Rather than waste my time fighting with these idiots I do my best to avoid them altogether. When I'm among friends I let my hair down and relax, when I'm around the general public do not wish to draw too much attention to myself. I keep to myself and avoid the "Sheepeople" (people who have a heard like mentality). It says in the bible that the sheep are divided from the goats and that's what I'm metaphorically, I'm a "Mountain Goat" who rests on the cliffs where idiots are unable to reach. Believe me when I say that it makes life a whole lot easier following this philosophy.

Free your mind and your ass will follow: -MerlinRavenSong )O(

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We don't want your stupid kids

One of the biggest misconceptions Christians have about Witches, Satanists and those of us who practice the dark arts is that we are out to steal and sacrifice there precious little children. Nothing could be further from the truth. I personally do not want anything to do with stupid little Christian children or children in general. Most of the youth I see today are mediocre at best and mentally deficient in most cases and I for one do not want to have anything to do with them. Those of you who think that my kind are sacrificing small children to Satan rest assured Satan doesn't want your kids anymore than I do. Personally I blame the parents of these little brats for being the little fucktarts they are. As the saying goes follow a stupid kid home and you will find their stupid parents. Some people just shouldn't breed period. If anything Satan would want winners not losers.

Don't get me wrong there are some smart kids out there and I do have respect for those who do not conform to the mental stupidity of the day but from my experience these kids are few and far between. So the next time you hear some televangelist telling you that there are secret societies out to brainwash or sacrifice their children to "The Dark Lord" ask yourself WHY WOULD WE WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THESE LITTLE DELINQUENTS. If anyone is brainwashing them it's society as a whole and there prepping them to be good little consumers who work all there lives and die with nothing to show for it. You can have your kids we do not want anything to do with them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Satanic Panic

Some of my readers may be too young to remember the Satanic Panic that happened in the 80's but I remember it like it was yesterday. This panic was caused by Christian fundamentalists who actually believed that Satan and his minions had control over all of our lives. In their minds young women were being kidnapped and forced to breed babies so that they could be sacrificed in the name of the "Dark Lord" himself. According to these fundies this was something that was happening across the board and it didn't matter what walk of life you came from because Satan was somehow hiding in the shadows and pulling all the strings. Doctors, lawyers, school teachers (you name it) they were all a part of this grand conspiracy to take over the world.

During this time the Devil was of course leaving backward messages on Rock & Roll albums so that kids would commit suicide when ever they listened to the lyrics of people like Ozzy Osbourne or Judas Priest. Both Ozzy and the band Judas Priest had to go to court and defend themselves over these silly accusations. Also if your child listened to Rock & Roll or Metal and became hooked on drugs you can bet it was those evil Satanic musicians manipulating the young fragile minds of the youth so that they could do the Devils bidding.

When the FBI started to to investigate these allegations they didn't find any evidence to back up any of the claims the Fundies were making. Personally being a musician myself if I where going to put something backwards on a record it would be something like "BUY MY MUSIC, MAKE ME A MILLIONAIRE" it certainly wouldn't be kill yourself. If all the people who buy my music killed themselves after listening to it then I'd be out of a job.

If you think these crazy ideas are over and done with your wrong because there are still nut cases who actually believed the end of the world was going to happen a couple weeks ago. Well I got news for you Armageddon is coming but it will be totally different than what the fundies are telling you. As science and technology continues to explain how and why the world works and the great mysteries in life no longer are mysteries you can bet this will upset the Fundies to the point where they will have to make some kind of stand. The mark of the beast will not be 666 it will be a cross instead and that's when the shit will finally hit the fan. If you don't have the mark of Jesus then your one of THEM that will be their battle cry. If you don't believe this is possible just go back and read your history books and see how the fundies treated Darwin, and Galileo they were seen as heretics. Both of these men could back up their arguments but that didn't matter because all that matters to the fundie is their belief in "god" and to hell with science.

Satan in Hebrew means adversary and that's the way I see him. I reject the Christian interpretation of him and see him as a symbol of freedom and liberty. He is the one who questions and opposes and stands against hypocrisy. The true "SATANIC PANIC" will come when people use reason and logic as their guide rather than rely on books written two thousand years ago. If you want to know why people hate the Devil so much it's not because he goes around telling lies, it's because he has this nasty habit of telling the truth.

'Dif-tor Heh Smusma': -MerlinRavenSong